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APPLICATION For membership

Welcome to BAF Membership Application process

BAF membership is designed to attract, retain and support committed Biafrans who are not only dedicated to the goal of a Sovereign and Independent Nation of Biafra, but are equally willing to work day and night towards the achievement of that goal.

Conditions for membership:

1) Agreement with Biafra Actualization agenda
2) Agreement with non-violence methodology
3) Active participation in ongoing Biafra Actualization activism
4) Nominal non-refundable Membership Application Fee.

Membership Application Process: Go here for details and requirements

Web Access (preferred):
Fill the Application Online here (below)

By Email:
Send for Application Form here: BAF Membership Committee
Complete and send it back by email as text or text file attachment


Proof of Membership Dues paid: required prior to processing any application.
Send proof to  BAF Membership Committee

Must agree to Biafra Pledge Statement below (For Web Access method, clicking "I AGREE" below will take you directly to the Online Application form):

By checking the box below, I accept all the terms above; I certify that all the information given on the application form is correct to the best of my knowledge, and I will be held responsible for any deliberate misleading information therein; and thus PLEDGE TO THE SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENT NATION OF BIAFRA; so help me God.